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Help 3 Neglected Horses

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Help 3 Neglected Horses

Animal Control in Hurricane, Utah has confiscated 3 horses that are suffering from severe neglect, and they are coming here to the sanctuary for care. -photos coming -

They have not been getting adequate water or feed, and despite afternoon temperatures reaching 103 degrees, they have no shade or shelter to protect them from the scorching sun! The pen they were living in is filthy, and it's doubtful they were getting any protection from flies.

Their immediate needs include food, water and shelter. Also, typically they will need to be examined by the vet and a visit from the farrier. Beyond that, we don't yet know what their needs will be.

Anything you can give to help cover the costs of bringing these horses back to good health will be sincerely appreciated. August has been a particularly difficult month for donations and our funds are nearly depleted.

From our hearts to yours... thank you for your support, compassion and generosity!