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Give $5...

This is less than a coffee from Starbucks!

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$100,000 goal

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If Everyone Gave Just $5

As most of you know, we are 100% dependent on donations to continue to operate. This means we must be in continuous fundraising mode just to keep the horses fed and cared for.

So, here's some food for thought -- and a simple challenge

On Facebook we have 18,168 friends. If every friend were to donate just $5 one time per year, that would add up to $90,840!

On my personal Facebook page, I have 1,004 friends. If each of them gave $5 one time per year, that would be $5,020.

The grand total would be $95,860... enough to feed and care for the horses for two years!

And, if you shared or invited your Facebook friends and each one of them donated just $5, it could be way more!

$5 is the cost of a coffee from Starbucks. Imagine what it could do for horses in need?

Please give $5... and challenge your Facebook friends to do the same!